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The premium (read expensive) solution for restaurants
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Bento is the most expensive option on this list ($100 to $500 per month), but for that hefty charge you get the best possible solution for your restaurant, and one less head-ache to worry about.

The editor manages to hide away the complexity of the many features on offer. You can get your site up to speed quickly and the customer support is on call for any help you may need with updating your site.

Bento is definitely not for everyone, and you can build a simple site for much cheaper (or even free). But if you want the most features, best user interface and fastest support - and you also have an established restaurant that can easily handle the monthly cost - Bento is a no-brainer if only for the time saved.

They power over 1500 restaurants and don't have a free trial, so you'll have to schedule a demo to see it in action.


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