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Easy selling solution for artists and beginners
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Big Cartel focuses on artists who want to sale their creations and as such is better suited for beginning entrepreneurs in general.

With BigCartel, the Pros are pretty much the same as the Cons: simplicity, fewer features, affordable, easy to use. What makes it approachable by beginners also makes it unsuitable for more advanced stores.

The pricing tiers are also beginner-friendly, with a Forever Free plan that enables you to sell up to 5 products on the domain.

For $9.99 you get 25 products, control over the code, inventory tracking and discount codes.

If you only need to sell a few products and don't mind sticking to standard ecommerce features, BigCartel might be the one for you. Some sellers find that as they grow they need to switch to more customizable solutions, like Shopify.


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