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Carbonmade successfully disrupted the online portfolio space almost almost a decade ago with it's simple editor, simple themes and simple pricing (only one tier back then).

It was a breath of fresh air for artists looking for a solution that just works and stays out of their way. Plus it was one of the first to offer an unlimited number of images to their plan.

Meanwhile (some of) the competition caught up in terms of usability, with improved workflows and better designs. Carbonmade hasn't changed much though, and it quickly turned from hot new startup to just another drop in the sea. Which is not great for them, because they still have very limited features (no ecommerce for example) and their pricing is no longer that competitive.

Plans start at $6 per month, for which you are forced to keep the Carbonmade branding, can't use your own domain and are limited to 10 projects.

A free trial is available so check it out for your self.


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