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Excellent builder from a gospel focused company
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Church Plant Media is a pricey builder but it's the best one on this list.

They have a clear pricing plan of $1000 setup fee plus $50 / month, for which you get unlimited everything. Their builder is very polished and their support is responsive.

A customizable sermon module and the possibility to host multiple podcasts are some of their more appreciated features. Should you be so inclined, you can also get access to add you own code like CSS and Javascript.

They also won't allow other clients to use the same template you do within a 10 miles radius, in order to protect your brand. Whether that's enough of a distance is your call.

They are very resolved that you sign and follow their Gospel Agreement, so if you have a conflicting statement of faith from theirs your application will probably be rejected.

There's no free tier so you'll have to contact them for more info.


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