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Good editor, cheap, too few themes
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SnapPages is a website builder made for small sites and is friendly to beginners. It doesn't have too many advanced features and the ones it does have are well presented by the editor interface.

There are just a handful of templates but they look good and can be customized pretty heavily.

The editor is slick and it has a nice feel overall, but it can be confusing at times, for example when adding a section. You get a bunch of images dropped on the page (presumably the way the sections will look), but no titles and no descriptions of the sections, so you sort of have to squint and try to understand what each section is about.

On the plus side, pages have page versions, so you can restore them to certain states in the past.

The form editor is well made, it has some elements that other simple website builders lack, like checkbox, radio and even a map item.

There's no free plan but a 14 day free trial is available. Paid plans start at $4/month but for a custom domain and no Snappages branding you'll have to pay $10, which is still not bad.


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