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With Ucraft you need to pick one of the three plans: Landing Page (Free), Website ($6/month) or Ecommerce ($13/month).

There is a 14 day free trial available, but you need to enter your credit card details to access it.

Ucraft is a much newer addition to the website builder world and that's reflected in the template collection (which is fairly large). Most if not all templates are very trendy, with large resolution photos and lots of white space.

You can add a whole team to edit your website and you can grant them roles (like Designer, Editor, etc) as well as specific privileges.

There's also a image editor available and you can easily import images into Ucraft thanks to their integration with Unsplash.

They even give you access to a logo creation tool, which is nice, I guess.

There's also an Ecommerce plan and it has most of the features you'd expect, especially at the low price of $13/month.


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