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Confusing editor, bad mobile experience, decent blogging
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With Webstarts it's win some, lose some. Some features, like the blogging options (set post time, decent formatting) and the form builder are well done, while in other areas it's really lacking.

The editor is particularly confusing, with a "Pages" button on the left that is actually meant for SEO and a drop-down on the upper left side that is where you can switch and edit pages. It takes a while to find your bearings and this can be a big hurdle for newcomers.

There is a membership option where you can set pages that can be seen by certain members only, which is a welcome surprise.

Another minus is with the mobile experience. Webstarts allows you to place the page items wherever you want by dragging (snapping and guides are available). Unfortunately this does not translate well on the infinite mobile screen sizes, with hit and miss results. Sometimes everything looks just the way you meant to, other times some elements are nowhere to be found.

There is a (limited) forever free plan you can use to see if you like it but you'll need the Pro Plus plan ($7.16/month) for any serious website (mobile optimization and 1000 contact form enquiries).


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