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Weebly is another general purpose website builder that can also be used as a store.

Even if you can sell on the lower plans (for a 3% fee), you really need the Business plan ($25/month and unlimited products at 0% fee) to use basic ecommerce features like inventory management, product reviews, tax calculator and coupons. For $38/month you also get the abandoned cart feature.

Weebly is not an ecommerce solution at heart, all that is just added on top of their main website builder business and you can see this pretty quickly as your store grows. There are very few ways to customize your store functionality if what you get out of the box is not enough.

If you think your store will grow beyond a few dozen items you may look at more established providers like Shopify. Otherwise you may find yourself in the position to switch providers, which is a major pain regardless of the website builder you use.

On the other hand, if you just need a quick way to sell some products and you don't want to tweak the settings that much, Weebly could be the one.


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